Global Communication Summit 2020

Your unique opportunity to cross borders without crossing borders.

Fully digitalized


On May 28 and May 29, the fully digitalized Global Communication Summit GCS 2020 with its cutting edge content and oustanding speakers was a huge success.

Well beyond 400 attendees from around the globe discussed cutting-edge communication insights from high-profile experts, featuring blue chip companies and major brands like Microsoft, Huawei, Merck, Kaspersky, Manchester United and Siemens Energy.

Use this opportunity to access the complete GCS 2020 recordings including

  • keynotes from K. Corley Kenna (Patagonia), Joy Tan (Huawei), Marian Salzman (PMI) and Heino Falcke (University Nijmegen), among others
  • panel discussions like “Comms Stepping Up in a post-Covid World” and “China and the West, 2020 and beyond”
  • best cases for instance from Covestro, RB and Essent
  • insight sessions, talks fireside chats and trend reports

2020 Keynotes

Finding the sweet spot between activism and business

Director of global communications at responsible business pioneer Patagonia, Corley will share how communications and culture help achieve change while also underpinning growth.

K. Corley Kenna

Director, Global Communications and Public Relations

Navigating a complex media landscape in the face of adversity

Huawei is never far from the headlines. Its SVP of Public Affairs will discuss how her team strives to nurture a positive relationship with the media in the face of adversity in the U.S

Joy Tan

Senior Vice President of Public Affairs
Huawei Technologies

Black holes and revelations: Seeing the impossible

Chief Scientist of the team that made the first image of a black hole, Heino is also a lay pastor: how can we reconcile science and faith – and what exactly is a black hole, anyway?

Heino Falcke

Professor of Astrophysics
Radboud University Nijmegen

Trends and transformation

One of the world’s top trend spotters, Marian will put tomorrow’s transformational trends in the context of a world that can seem to be spinning out of control.

Marian Salzman

Senior Vice President, Communications

Further highlights at GCS 2020

  • Focus on China: 2020 and beyond
  • Special track for Comms in a (post-)Covid world
  • Open panel discussions like “Social Media: global vs. local”
  • Connect with peers who share the same problems but different approaches
  • Get your body in the flow: online yoga and meditation sessions with Sophie Bachmann

2020 Co-Hosts

Public Affairs, FinTech, Diplomacy, 5G, Branding, Crisis and more

The Global Communication Summit 2020 included a special focus on China: the world’s most fascinating market presents special challenges and opportunities for corporate communications professionals, and our 2020 programme included expert first-hand insights into communications and business in China, from both a Chinese and Western perspective.

2020 Partners

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Helge Schlüter

Partnership Lead


Robert Zander

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Florentina Hänßler

Programme Manager