Communication Summit 2018

Europe's communication transformation event


2 days

50+ speakers

500+ attendees

1 community

About the summit

After a decade in Brussels, the European Communication Summit is back with a new home in Berlin!  This year, the flagship event will disrupt along with the communications industry, bringing cross-industry leaders and communications experts together to discuss the transformation of community and communications across Europe.  Join 500+ of your peers as we discuss trust, technology and empowerment within the industry.


Engaging in truth, trust and transparency in the age of cyber security leaks and company bumbles.


Building the bridge between online and offline for the customer that relies on both.


Pushing the boundaries and expanding the possibilities with future tech.


Transforming communications to reach a world in social discord.

Neil Harbisson

Neil Harbisson

Artist and the First Human Cyborg
Cyborg Foundation
Chloe Combi

Chloe Combi

Chloe Combi is a writer, consultant, speaker and expert on youth
issues. She advises both side of the government in the UK
and has worked with the London Mayor advising on youth policy. She writes for
the UK Times, Guardian, Independent, TES and Daily Mail, and her first
book, Generation Z, Their Voices, Their Lives was published by Random House
and is being turned into a series with a major broadcaster. She is currently writing
her two next books. She advises brands all over
the world about future strategies and her clients include Coca-Cola,
Pepsi, Saatchi, Virgin, Red Bull, Vodafone and Disney. She lives in London.
Frank X. Shaw

Frank X. Shaw

Corporate Vice President, Corporate Communications
Microsoft Redmond
In this role, Shaw is responsible for defining and managing Microsoft's communications strategies worldwide, company-wide storytelling, including planning and execution, product PR, consumer marketing, media relations, executive communications, employee communications, global agency management and military affairs.

Frank is an avid technologist and digital conversationalist with a Twitter following of more than 26K <@fxshaw>. In 2016 he was recognized by Business Insider as #1 on a listing of the 50 best PR people in Tech, and was awarded a SABRE Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement in 2016.

With more than 20 years of experience in communications, Frank has led diverse teams representing government, entertainment, food and retail. Prior to joining Microsoft in 2009, he was president of the Microsoft account worldwide at Waggener Edstrom Worldwide where he held key responsibilities for all global PR, communications and influence efforts.

Innovation Expedition

Berlin is full of some of the most innovative and creative organizations and startups across Europe and home to some seriously big brand successes over the years. Here, get a chance to visit some of Berlin’s budding concepts, stores, offices and labs. Learn from speakers in their own setting as they walk you through their physical spaces and how they were developed.

Speaker Selection 2018

Susan Danger

Susan Danger

Managing Director
American Chamber of Commerce to the EU
Andreas Bartels

Andreas Bartels

Leiter der Unternehmenskommunikation
Deutsche Lufthansa AG
Andreas Bartels has been the Head of Media Relations for Lufthansa since January 2007. In this position, he coordinates all of the firm’s global media activities. Before joining Lufthansa, Mr Bartels worked for Deutsche Bank, as well as several other German banks. He studied Communication Science.
Ryan O'Keeffe

Ryan O'Keeffe

Director of Communications
Enel S.p.A. Roma
Yevhen Fedenschko

Yevhen Fedenschko

Louise Wadman

Louise Wadman

Head of Internal Communications
Lloyds Banking Group




Caroline Berger

Executive Coordinator


Vanessa Maly

EACD Programme Lead


Helge Schlüter

Partnership Lead


Dennis Schultz

Participants Management Lead