What to Expect at GCS 2021

The Global Communication Summit is the annual flagship event for international communication and PR professionals. The digital event brings together hundreds cross-industry leaders in comms, PR, public and corporate affairs to discuss the transformations and challenges facing today’s communications professionals.

The theme for the 2021 Summit is Reconnect.

After the unprecedented disruption of COVID-19, and faced with ongoing challenges including recessions, political instability, supply chain disruptions, climate crisis and more, organizations must find new ways of creating powerful, sustainable, and scalable connections with their stakeholders – and the communications leader is best placed to drive this forward.

The 4 Modules of the 2021 Global Communication Summit

After social distancing, furloughed staff and disrupted organisations, crafting internal strategies that define your culture and engage your team, your workforce and your executive board is the key to resilience in a post-lockdown landscape.

Whether B2C or B2B, multinational or SME, big business or ambitious NGO, it takes trust, authenticity and relevance to develop communication strategies that reconnect with your stakeholders, your global community, the media and investors.

The coronavirus pandemic sped up the adoption of crucial communication technologies. Asynchronous communication, remote work, AI, digitalization: the time is now to upgrade your skills, competencies and tools to ensure growth.

For organizations looking to sustain businesses and communities, to renew growth and resilience, the post-coronavirus landscape is uncertain. Global communications strategies have a vital role to play in rebuilding our world.

GCS 2021 Supporting Programme

Sophie Bachmann is the founder of Zen & Go, a modern Mindfulness consultancy. Having worked several years in the corporate world herself, she supports leaders and teams in finding calm while thriving at work.

At the Global Communication Summit 2021, Sophie will host our supporting programme with sessions all attendees are invited to join.

Relax & Refocus with Mindfulness

Learn to re-connect with the full potential of your mind by practicing modern Mindfulness. This session includes a short introduction to Mindfulness in the workplace followed by hands-on exercises that equip you to find calm.

Body & Mind Energizer

The perfect recipe of body movement and Mindfulness exercises to destress, release tension and refocus the mind. Take a moment  to take care of yourself and recharge your batteries. No change of clothes needed. Beginner-friendly practice.



This year, the Global Communication Summit will be held entirely online via our new digital events space, powered by Swapcard.

During the live digital event you will be able to:

– Access to the programme in your time zone

– Add the sessions that interest you most to your personal agenda

– Ask questions during our Keynotes, Opening Panel, Insights and Best Case presentations

– Contribute your ideas during our digital Workshops and Optional Interactive Seminars (on camera, if you wish)

– Experience an innovative, immersive communications space and explore it for yourself

– Network with your international peers via our chat and 1-on-1 video meetings

– Receive support and guidance from our dedicated digital support team.

For more information, see “Your Digital Experience”.