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28–29 May 2020

Radialsystem Berlin

Leadership and employee connectivity under COVID-19

As our lives rapidly change in the coming months, more than ever our employees need clear leadership and connectivity. Employee communication now plays a particularly critical role in the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic unfolding around us.

Business as unusual: CSR, sustainability and coronavirus

How will the COVID-19 crisis shape employee activism and CSR communications in the near future? What potential consequences could the crisis have for how the world tackles the climate crisis?

The first chapter of a global pandemic

To track the different phases of communications strategy throughout the coronavirus outbreak, Hong Kong-based corporate affairs, communications and investor relations search firm Andrews Partnership has held a series of roundtables with communications practitioners from 30 different Asia Pacific organisations.

Coronavirus and Internal Communications

For internal communicators around the world, it is already clear that the COVID-19 epidemic is driving a fundamental shift toward remote working, and therefore toward organizations that are increasingly dependent on virtual…

Covid-19, global trade fears and corporate reputation

The gross value of reputation in FTSE350 companies at the start of 2020 reached £941 billion, according to a new Reputation Dividend Report. This is down from previous years, impacted by Covid-19 and world trade uncertainty during the Brexit…

Networking for ideas

When Gary Jones, Marcia Kinter and Doreen Monteleone sat down for a dinner to plan a health & safety conference, little did they realise that this was beginning of the most comprehensive sustainability movement in the print industry.