Conference Programme | SQUARE Meeting Centre

The Square is a state of the art meeting centre located in the city centre of Brussels. Opened in September 2009, it boasts scenic views over the leafy Mont des Arts district and Brussels’ skyline.

The Square uses the finest technology, creating dynamic spaces to work in. However, architects have carefully ensured there is still a comfortable atmosphere by retaining many original features of the former 1958 Palais des Congrés, in which the Square is housed.

With 13,000 square meters of meeting space, the EACD is looking forward to hosting all daytime activities of the Summit at the Square. The large auditoriums, as well as a multitude of contemporary meeting rooms will provide flexible spaces for the array of activities at the Summit. The square can easily accommodate all attendees together for main sessions as well as provide intimate areas for workshops.

SQUARE- Brussels Meeting Centre
rue Mont des Arts
B-1000 Brussels, Belgium

Parking can be found underneath the Square. More information can be found here.

Evening Programme | Hotel de la Poste

The European Communicators’ Night on the first evening of the Summit will be held in The Hôtel de la Poste. It is within easy reach of the city centre and heralds a unique atmosphere. A different setting from the day activities of the Summit will ignite the enjoyment that the Gala celebration hope to provide. The venue can comfortably accommodate all attendees of the Summit.

The Hotel de la Poste is easily accessible by public transport and venue parking is also available.

Hotel de la Poste
Rue Picard 7
1000 Brussels, Belgium