Optional Interactive Seminar

Our 4-hour optional interactive seminar offers the chance for you to reflect on your learnings from the Summit’s main programme and take a deeper dive into a highly relevant topic: crisis communications. 

With places limited to twenty GCS 2021 attendees, you will have the chance to actively participate in the session, to discuss detailed questions and interesting scenarios with our expert speakers and to get to know other motivated communications professionals facing similar challenges.

As well as providing ideas and inspiration, this interactive seminar will help prepare you to ask tough questions and ultimately become a driver for change in your organization.

Crisis Communication: In the Eye of the Storm

4-hours digital interactive simulation workshop
9th December 2021, 13-17h CET

Flash-floods overwhelm your operations, you know there will be casualties and your assets and business are threatened. As the crisis communication team, you are first to respond to the multiple impacts of this fast-developing situation.

CS&A’s interactive simulation workshop will focus on an extreme climate event giving you an opportunity to practice and hone-in your crisis resilience skills in a virtual world we live in.

Learning Objectives:

– To enhance overall communication skills in a high-risk environment

– To strengthen crisis communication skills

– To identify and communicate effectively with stakeholders

– To assess risks, learn to prioritise and enhance decision-making abilities

– To practice a realistic scenario in a virtual setting

Caroline Sapriel & Gil Panen
CS&A International Risk and Crisis Management

Caroline Sapriel is the founder and Managing Partner of CS&A, a specialist risk and crisis andbusiness continuity management consulting firm with offices across the golbe. With over 25 years’experience in risk and crisis management, Caroline is recognized as a leader in her professionand acknowledged for her ability to provide customized, results-driven counsel at the highestlevel. Over the years, Caroline has advised senior corporate executives in high-risk industries internationally. Her multi-disciplinary background and experience has enabled her to provide clients with an in-depth analysis of their crisis management capability as well as help them develop effective risk and crisis response organizations and stakeholder and reputation management strategies. Caroline is an accomplished trainer, facilitator and coach in risk, issues and crisis management as well as in communication skills. As such, she has coached many senior executives at leading multinational corporations internationally.

Based in Portugal, Gil Panen works with clients internationally to aid in the development and implementation of their risk management systems and crisis processes. He also supports clients in their advancement of stakeholder mapping and scenario planning capabilities, as well as overall business continuity and contingency planning. He is particularly involved in the creation of scenarios for crisis exercises, and the development and facilitation of simulation drills. When not working on client projects, Gil helps with the development and updates of CrisisEcademy© eLearning modules and conducts research into current best practices and case studies to ensure that CS&A continues to lead in the field of risk, crisis and business continuity management. Gil also has an active role supporting business development and is responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the internal data management system.