Optional Interactive Seminars

Our 4-hour interactive seminars offer the chance for you to reflect on your learnings from the Summit’s main programme and take a deeper dive into one of two highly relevant topics: crisis communications or internal communication for leaders.

With places limited to twenty GCS 2021 attendees per seminar, you will have the chance to actively participate in the session to discuss detailed questions with our expert speakers and to get to know other motivated communications professionals facing similar challenges.

As well as providing ideas and inspiration, these interactive seminars will help prepare you to ask tough questions and ultimately become a driver for change in your organization.

Your Seminar Option 1
Crisis Communication:
In the Eye of the Storm

Flash-floods overwhelm your operations, you know there will be casualties and your assets and business are threatened. As the crisis communication team, you are first to respond to the multiple impacts of this fast-developing situation.

CS&A’s interactive simulation workshop will focus on an extreme climate event giving you an opportunity to practice and hone-in your crisis resilience skills in a virtual world we live in.

Caroline Sapriel & Gil Panen
CS&A International Risk and Crisis Management

4-hours digital interactive simulation workshop
9th December 2021, 13-17h CET

Your Seminar Option 2
Reconnect with Internal Audiences
by Making Leaders Better Communicators

The red thread of this seminar will be how to heighten attendee’s awareness of their positions as role models who influence the flow of values, behaviours and energy through an organization and so ultimately help to reconnect with internal stakeholders, bringing good vibes all around.

The seminar is an ideal opportunity to disrupt overly packed online meeting agendas with some mental breathing space to consider invaluable (sometimes forgotten) soft skills around communication and presentation techniques in the new hybrid world.

Dani Buijtenhek
Founder, danibu

4-hours digital interactive seminar
10th December 2021, 13-17h CET