Terms &
038; Conditions

Discounted prices

Members of the European Association of Communication Directors (EACD) and individuals applying for EACD membership at the time of the registration receive a discount on the registration fee. The participant’s individual membership will be verified with the EACD. All discounted prices are valid only if the amount invoiced is received within the time stated on the invoice.

Filming and photography

Please be aware that some of the sessions and events during the conference will be filmed and photographed. Participants who do not wish to be filmed or photographed should warn the organisation in advance. Films and photographs will be available at www.communication-summit.eu, and a link will be sent to all participants. Participants can request the removal of a picture or video segment in which they are portrayed at any given time.


If a previous booking is cancelled and no replacement participant can be found, the following cancellation charges will be incurred:

* Cancellation until May 17th 2017: 100€ + VAT service fee
* Cancellation after May 17th 2017: 100% of total price

Cancellations have to be made in a written form.

Cancellation and programme changes

The hosts reserve the right to cancel or to reschedule the location or time, or to arrange a substitute speaker, if this is absolutely necessary due to an unforeseen problem with the speaker, or other unforeseen reasons which are out of the control of the the organisers. In these cases, the hosts are not required to compensate travel or accommodation costs, loss of working time, or other damages, and in other cases only when there is gross negligence. If relocation is not reasonably possible for the participant, then (s)he is entitled to cancel the booking immediately and free of charge.

Place of jurisdiction

Berlin, Germany.


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